I am using the Total Sleep Mask System and it’s a lot better than a normal sleep mask on a plane flight, because it totally shuts out the outside world. The slots that hold the ear plugs are so convenient-the ear plugs are always right there, rather than having to get up and get them from the overhead bin. In Alaska, we need an eye shade all summer long, and these block out more light than any I’ve used. You obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and manufacture.

Bob Kaufman

Founder , Alaska Channel/ Alaska.org

This is definitely the best sleep mask in the world! My assumptions were right; your sleep mask is fully living up to my expectations.

Michael V.

Owner, distributor, Denmark

This sleep mask works like a charm! I am very sensitive to light and sound, making it hard to fall asleep when there’s even the slightest hint of light and/ or noise. I get jealous of people that are able to nap mid-day. Now I have a tool to help with both sound and light intrusion. This sleep mask comfortably blocks out all light and significantly reduces sound, and it’s so soft and comfortable. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Cheryl K.


As a Yoga teacher studying in Southern India, I noticed many of the Yogis wrapped a large scarf  around their head, ears and eyes when they slept. The Total Sleep Mask System by Dandelion Dreams, Inc. offers this ageless technique in a modern practical form. I take it everywhere. It is a “God Send” for anyone struggling with sleep issues. Highly recommended! Larry Payne Ph.D.

International Best Seller, "Yoga for Dummies", Founding Director of Yoga Therapy Rx & Prime of life Yoga Programs

Thank you Dandelion Dreams, Inc. for designing a sleep mask that really addresses the importance of sleep.  I am so grateful to have a sleep mask that truly helps me sleep so well. The design is perfect for blocking out all light and muffling sound at the same time. I love the way it fits over my nose as to not put much pressure over it and still allows great airflow. What a perfect gift to give to friends and family.  From one happy and satisfied customer. 

Diane K.

Being a student, I fly home during the holiday seasons. The plane seems to be the first place I want to relax, and before the Total Sleep Mask System, that was nearly impossible to do. The Total Sleep Mask System also acts as a mini pillow so I can lean my head and not strain my neck. It provides a whole new level of quiet with the reduction in sound and it also politely lets the person next to me know I don’t want to have a conversation. The Total Sleep Mask System has become one of those “must have” items when I travel. I love being able to meet my family at the airport feeling refreshed and well rested. Felisa M.

Psychology Student

Finally after ten years I can sleep like a baby. Using the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System I no longer hear my husband’s loud snoring. The snoring used to keep me awake all night, and I would go to work exhausted. Now I get a good night’s sleep and have more energy. This product really works!! Sophia V.

Medical Assistant

After years of waking up intermittently throughout the night due to my wife’s snoring, I was fortunate to find the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System! I have not had much luck with ear plugs and needed something to help drown out the snoring noise. Sound machines kept my wife up all night, but helped me sleep. The “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System was our savior. It is very comfortable to wear and creates just enough of a sound barrier so that I don’t wake up on and off all night (and my wife can sleep too because there is no more sound machine or me nudging her all night). Ron W.

Director of Business Development, L'Oreal Professional

I love the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System. I’ve had issues in the past where I could not sleep due to my husband’s snoring. Also, on business trips I’ve not been able to sleep due to heavy street traffic near the hotel. I’ve been able to use the mask at home and on business and can happily report it solved the noise issues. I also love that it completely blocks out light. Once I put it on, I know I’m only a few minutes from a deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep. Patty M.

I love it! It is very comfortable to wear all night. It blocks out all of the light and more importantly reduces the noise. My dogs sleep in our room at night and often woke me up when walking around. I haven’t awakened once since wearing the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System. Thank you so much for creating the solution to my sleep problem. I am a much happier person now. Laura F.

Dr. of Dentistry

My doctor gave me your mask to try, it was great… I love the material and the size of the mask. I found the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System very comfortable. I will definitely use and recommend it to my friends and co-workers. Roshe B.

Business Owner

Just a note of thanks for creating the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System. Wow! It really made my recent South American trip exceptionally comfortable on the plane, and in my room for a sound and quiet sleep. I found it very pleasant to wear since it’s adjustable, and easy to pack in my bag. Thanks again so much for this wonderful product. Debbie K.

T.V. Advertising Sales

I enjoy taking a nap during the day so I can be refreshed when my son gets home from school (he’s 7). This mask is the ideal product for me. Not only does it block out the freeway noise, it is incredibly effective in reducing the noise from the day care center that’s in our neighborhood. It’s very soft and comfortable and 100% blocks out the sunlight too. Kathryn W.


The “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System definitely works in reducing sound and light. I like this product because it allows me to sleep much better. I no longer hear my husband snoring, which used to keep me awake all night. Using the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System, I sleep very well and have more energy the next day. Thank you Dandelion Dreams, Inc.! Lupe

Medical Administrator

I usually have a hard time falling asleep every night and I found that the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System by Dandelion Dreams, Inc. helped me fall asleep and stay asleep because I was so relaxed while wearing it. I wake up feeling renewed! Rosa H.

Executive Director of Operations

The mask was very comfortable to wear and was extremely soothing! It dulled out loud noises that prevent me from falling asleep and I slept with it all night. I love the memory foam and really appreciate that the mask didn’t smash my eyelash extensions because of its unique design. Highly recommend to everyone!

Audrey R.

V.P. of Marketing

I work nights and although I am very tired when I go to bed, I have a hard time falling asleep from the noise of the television and talking from my teenagers. Now that I am using the Total Sleep Mask System I am able to fall asleep quickly, and I am finally getting “deep much needed” sleep. It feels so good to wake up truly rested and renewed. T. Brewer


I purchased the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System by Dandelion Dreams, Inc. I do a lot of international travel, and I always find it difficult to rest or sleep on a plane. With the Total Sleep Mask System I was able to rest and sleep during my flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt where I landed totally refreshed. I would recommend this product to everyone who travels on long distance flights, or even short ones where you want to relax or sleep. Vladimiro A.

Engineer/ Financial Advisor

“The “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System is a totally wonderful way to get the sound sleep we all deserve.  I use my sleep mask for afternoon naps, gently closing out the light and sound that used to make it so hard for me to fall asleep during the day.  I also have been using it on summer nights when our windows are open and our neighbors are partying on their patio…directly across from our bedroom.  I used to hate having to close our windows.  Now, I keep the windows open and just put on my soft, comfortable mask, along with the accompanying ear plugs, and enjoy the cool, fresh air as I drift off to sleep.  I can still hear the neighbors a bit, but their voices are hugely quieted by the Total Sleep Mask System.  Lucky me!!!!” Dena C.

V.P. Long Term Health Insurance

The “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System is awesome! It’s so soft and comfortable that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask at all. I love having it cover my ears too ~ it helps keep the ear plugs in place. Now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I don’t like to sleep without it. The mask acts like a sleeping aide because when I put it on, my mind knows it’s time to sleep. Now I don’t have to put my pillow over my head to block light and add sound insulation, which is how I slept before using the mask! Barbara K.


I love the Total Sleep Mask System! I have never liked “sleep masks” in general and have a hard time leaving anything on my face as I fall asleep. But!… This is the most comfortable mask I have ever tried! It’s comfortable, relaxing, and easy to use. It stays nice and cool, and the ear plugs are great for when you need to tune out even more noise. Thank you Dandelion Dreams!   Sam B.

Sales & Marketing

I have purchased the “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System from Dandelion Dreams, Inc. and this product has proven to be even more than expected from a sleep mask! The craftsmanship in creating this product was well thought out; it’s durable, washable and lightweight. The sound guard really muffles sound and I am using it for travel and at home. Thanks Dandelion Dreams, Inc. for my sweet dreams! Caroline C.

Marketing Manager, CBS Radio

I travel a lot for work and have trouble sleeping in hotels. I found the Total Sleep Mask System to be incredibly comfortable. I have tried other sleep masks before and not only does it feel great, but it reduces sound and block 100% light in the room. Thank you Dandelion Dreams! Ken L.


This is the most comfortable and practical eye mask I have found. Not only does it block out the light but helps to muffle snoring, talking and airplane engine noise when I travel coast to coast.  You would be hard pressed to find a better product. I initially bought mine for travelling. The added darkness gave me a better nights sleep, so much so, I started using it every night. There is something very comforting about the wraparound design, I can’t sleep without it. I think all travel accessory stores should abandon those cheap flimsy synthetic versions – the Total Sleep Mask System  is the best available. Thank you for being the only company willing to make something of quality with the added ” Sound Guard” to block out noise. Sylvia V.

Flight Attendant, and Frequent Traveler for pleasure